rent a friend / rent a friend / 2011

Written by Dora Ruzdjak Podolski and Saša Božić

Set Designer: Siniša Ilić
Costume Designer: Maja Mirković
Composer: Damir Šimunović
Production: City Theatre Trešnja, Zagreb, Croatia, November, 2011

“Rent-a-Friend” represents a whiff of fresh air in dramaturgy for young people. It is more than a text about Internet communication; it is a text completely created on chat, i.e. in the virtual surrounding.

Most stories about adolescents and the Internet warns of the real dangers of cyber-bullying, on-line thefts and vulnerable kids.

What about other risks?

Teenagers themselves.

Lots of them spend their time on-line, sending e-mails, messages, downloading music, updating their Facebook profiles, playing on-line games, buying or gambling on the net. Despite the general usefulness of the Internet, its use raises various questions regarding privacy, safety, pornography, cybercriminal in virtual community. On the Internet, children are free to watch and become whatever they choose, to communicate with whomever they want to. The Internet definitely does promote communication but also encourages fake identities and devious images of real- life situations.