Since 2002 I have been designing period, contemporary and experimental costumes for dramatic and postdramatic theatre, contemporary dance, opera, film, live art and puppetry in professional and independent theatres across Europe.

A key feature of my approach to costume design is a special affection for conceptual and collective thinking. High level design research, writing, painting and drawing, both artistic and technical, are the principles of my work. I always strive to build authentic imagery in accordance to the needs and ambitions of each production.

I have a strong interest in finding a bold language through which I transpose historical facts to the requirements of contemporary productions and the taste and ideals of the times we live in. When working with productions based in nowadays, I am engaged in a dedicated search for a refined touch in “translating” the assumed unapparent or unnoticeable qualities of everyday clothing, to costumes – dress of intentional discursive and dramatic qualities.