King Matt The First

King Matt The First / Kralj Matevžek Prvi / 2017

Janusz Korczak


Adapted for stage by Ana Duša

Directed by: Anja Suša
Dramaturgy: Petra Pogorevc
Stage and Costume Design: Maja Mirković
Music: Laren Polič Zdravič
Light Design: Mats Öhlin
Choreographer: Damjan Kecojevic
Photo: Mankica Kranjec

Cast: Primož Ekart, Voranc Boh, Nina Ivanič, Jan Bučar, Urška Hlebec, Rok Kunaver, Zala- Ana Štiglic, with the participation of the Partisan Choir (Partizanski Pevski Zbor)

Production: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia, December 1. 2017., Ana Rokvić Pinterić

Mirroring the basic performing premise of the performance being a storytelling, I wanted to produce the costumes able to stay both “inside” and “outside” the story. The costume design should not hide the fact of acting, while it should still be able to help the attachment of the audience to each character. The shape, meaning and impression of the costumes are created so to borrow from the past in a manner that can still leave the audience with the feeling it could all be possible to happen nowadays.

Costume is meant as a uniform for an “actor-clerk”, who has to deliver all kinds of tasks/parts. The Narrator stands apart and promotes each actor into a certain character. Actors use different posture, voice, mimics and a piece of prop, to become “someone else”. At first, equal clothes create semi-clownish, friendly figures. Dark occasions in the kingdom will promote some into the authoritarian squad-look.

“The performance is precisely and elaborately directed, with immaculate vision and concept, supported by aesthetically completed, semantically diversified costume design and a general visual image and convincing acting.”
Ana Radaljac, DELO,