Theater play by Maja Todorović

Set Designer: Zorana Petrov
Costume Designer: Maja Mirković
Composer: Igor Gostuški
Production: City Theatre, Podgorica and Kotor Art Festival, Montenegro, July, 2014

The play “Chinaman”, by Maja Todorović, touches upon sore points of our (post)transitional traumas which mostly affect children, who are also the main characters of this play. Through a seemingly ordinary story of a friendship between a boy and a girl, and an attempt to find some rhyme and reason in the world full of cruel prejudices which rejects the ones who are different, a much more complex story appears – a story about the modern society which does not favour tenderness and sincerity and which despises weakness more than anything else.
This is a story about love, friendship and imagination. This is a story about the magician “Chinaman” who can see a colourful world through different eyes. This is also a story about modern times but also a memory of another time which we haven’t forgotten and we never will. This is Goran’s, Jelena’s and Emir’s story. Mine, too. And yours.