Born on 14th February 1977 in Sabac, Serbia.

Graduated from FPUD (University of Applied Arts and Design), Belgrade, Department of Costume Design, Atelier for Theatre Costume, in the class of professor Milanka Berberović (2001).

She has Masters Degree in the Interdisciplinary Studies from Belgrade University of Arts, Scenic Design /department held by prof.doc. Radivoje Dinulović/, with research project “Cultural construction of gender through clothing – phenomenon Belgrade” ” (mentor prof.doc. Miško Šuvaković), 2013.

Maja is a member of ULUPUDS (Serbian Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design) and President of the Section for Costume and Set Design at ULUPUDS and was a president of the section in 2010.

Had three solo exhibitions and participated in 22 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Written many theoretical papers and these were published in magazines and exhibition catalogues.

Author of many poems, which have been published in the Anthology of Modern Poetry (TRACING GENDER PURPOSE OF ENGAGEMENT (”Tragom roda smisao angažovanja”) and 24/7 Of Love), publishing house DEVE.

Correspondent of a Serbian magazine for performing arts called WALKING THEORY and also participated in theoretical performances of their ensemble.

She designed costumes for 112 theatre performances, 9 films, 5 music concerts, 5 TV commercials, 4 promotions and one music video clip.

One of the authors and participants in the realization of the Multimedia Arts Project named SD-02 PLACE KRSTAC, which was one of the representatives of Serbia and Montenegro (“Montenegrin Eco-Lab”) at the 2004 Biennial of Architecture in Venice, Italy.

Participated in the project EUROPE IN BELGRADE during the celebration of 200 Years of Modern State of Serbia held at Sava Centre in Belgrade (2004).

Participated in 2007 Prague Quadrennial of International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture as one of the representatives of the Design Team of the Little Theatre Dusko Radovic as well as a representative of ULUPUDS (2007).

One of the judges at 2007 Joakim Fest (Theatre Festival) and one of the international judges for TIBA Festival (International Belgrade Theatre Adventure -TIBA Festival for Children and Youth) in 2009.

Participated in The National Academy “Serbia, Remember” in Belgrade’s Sava Center 2009, to mark 65th anniversary of the ending of German occupation of Belgrade, with art director Boris Miljkovic and director Kokan Mladenović.


2016 The annual prize of Yugoslav Drama Theatre (2016)

2015 National prize for the best work in the realm of applied arts of Serbia in 2014

2015 The biggest national tribute in the realm of costume and stage design: Sterija prize for the best costume designer, Sterijino pozorje festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

2015 prize for the best costume design on International Small Scene Theatre Festival, Rijeka, Croatia

2013 Joakim fest prize for the best costume design for the play „Miracle in Sargan“ (Lj. Simović), directed by Iva Milošević, National theatre Užice, Serbia

2011 The biggest national tribute: Sterija prize for the best costume designer on Sterijino pozorje festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

2011 Team work design award for opera production “Les enfants terribles”, Little Theatre “Dusko Radović”, Serbia

2010 Joakim Vujic Award for the Best Costume Design in the production of DUNDO MAROJE (Marin Drzic), by Kokan Mladenovic, Krusevac Theatre, Serbia

2010 Days Of Comedy Jagodina Award for the Best Costume Design in the production of  DUNDO MAROJE (Marin Drzic), by Kokan Mladenović, Krusevac Theatre, Serbia

2008 Joakim Vujic Award for the Best Costume Design in the production of RACE WITH TIME, Šabac Theatre.

2006 Joakim Fest Award for the Best Costume Design in the production of COLLECTION CENTRE, Sabac Theatre.

VI Biennial of Set Design Great Award for Artistic Contribution in the production of PETER PAN, Little Theatre Dusko Radovic. 2006.

2005 and 2008 ULUPUDS plaquette for artistic achievement.

2003 Award of Sabac October Salon: laureat for undergraduate student achievement.

Alternative education

1999/2000 Course “Small winter school for history and theory of art”

Lecturers: Branko Dimitrijevic, Branislav Andjelkovic, Dejan Sretenovic, Jesa Denegri, Branimir Stojanović

2001/2002 CENPI – The Center for New Theater and Dance, talks about the theory and practice of performing arts. Program leader Professor Mike Šuvaković, participants: Bojan Djordjev, Ana Vujanovic, Sinisa Ilic, Bojan Cvejic, Jelena Novak, Jasna Velickovic

As a regular correspondent of the magazine for the theory of performing arts WALKING THEORY



Costume Designer

Puppet theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia (2017) (in progress)

“King Matt the First” (Janusz Korczak), director Anja Suša

Teater Republique, Copenhagen, Denmark (2017)

“Apathy” (according to the motives from “Wunschkonzert” by F.X.Kroetz), director Anja Suša

Sabac theater, Sabac, Serbia (2017)

“A place on the edge“ (N.Djordjević), director Kokan Mladenović

Beogradsko Dramsko Pozorište, Belgrade, Serbia (2017)

“The Toth family“ (I.Orkeny), director Ljiljana Todorović

Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozorište, Belgrade, Serbia (2016)

“Hotel Paradiso“ (G.Feydeau), director Boris Liješević

Atelje 212, Belgrade, Serbia (2016)

“Children of joy“ (M.Marković), director Snežana Trišić

Helsingborg Stats Teatar, Helsingborg, Sweden (2016)

”Ridicoulous darkness” (Wolfram Lotz), director Anja Suša

Croatian National Theatre Osijek, Croatia (2016)

“Three sisters“ (A.P.Chekhov), director Nikola Zavišić

National theatre Hieronimus Koniecki, Bydgoszcz, Poland (2016)

“Blood on the Cat’s Neck: Marilyn Monroe vs. the Vampires“ (R.M.Fasbinder), director Anja Suša

Atelje 212, Beograd (2016)

“Drunk“ (Ivan Viripaev), director Boris Liješević

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia (2015)

„Nora! What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband; or Pillars of Society (E.Jelinek), director Snežana Trišić

  • The annual prize of Yugoslav Drama Theatre for Costume design (2016)

Puppet theatre Maribor, Slovenia (2015)

„Runaway house“ (Ivana Djilas), director Ivana Djilas

Slovenian National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia (2015)

”Theatre from A do Z” (Ira Ratej), director Ivana Djilas

Dječje kazalište Branka Mihaljevića, Osijek, Croatia (2015)

“Jonathan’s flight” (after Richard Bach’s Jonthan Livingston Seagull), director Nikola Zavišić

Slovenian National Theatre Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2015)

”Stupidity” (Rafael Spregelburd), director Ivana Djilas

Atelier 212, Belgrade, Serbia (2015)

„Tango“ (Slavomir Mrozek), director Filip Grinvald

Dom Omladine Belgrade, Serbia (2015)

”The night of gods” (Miro Gavran), director Marko Manojlović

Aarhus Theatre, Denmark (2014)

“Hedda Gabler” (Henrik Ibsen), director Anja Suša

Atelje 212, Beograd (2014)

“Kazimir und Karolina“ (Ödön von Horváth), director Snežana Trišić

  • Best costume design on 22.international festival, Rijeka, Croatia (2015)
  • Best costume design: „Ardalion“ prize: Yugoslav Theatre Festival, Užice, Serbia (2015)
  • Best costume design: Sterija award, Novi Sad, Serbia (2015)

Walking Theory & Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Beograd (2014)

“It’s not red, it’s blood!” (Yugoslav communistic, partisan and revolutionary poetry), director Bojan Djordjev

Aarhus Theatre, Denmark (2014)

“The Visit” (Friedrich Dürrenmatt ), director Mick Gordon

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade (2014)

“Dragonslayers” (Milena Markovic), director Iva Milošević

City Theatre Podgorica, Montenegro (2014)

“The Chineese“ (Maja Radulovic), director Anja Suša

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic/Children’s Cultural Centre Belgrade (2014)

“Astronauts“ (Bea Uusma Schyffert), director Anja Suša

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade (2013)

“The Princess and the Pea“ (Neda Radulovic), director Iva Milosević

Slovensko ljudsko gledališče, Celje, Slovenija (2013)

“Pippi Longstocking“ (Astrid Lindgren), director Andjelka Nikolić

National Theatre Subotica, Subotica (2013)

“Assemblywomen” (Aristophanes), director Nikola Zavišić

National Theatre Užice (2013)

“Miracle in Sargan“ (Lj.Simovic), director Iva Milošević

  • Best costume design award at Joakim fest (2013)

Bitef theatre, Belgrade (2012)

“Maja and me and Maja” (Milan Markovic), director Anja Suša

Lyric Theatre Belfast (2012)

“Uncle Vanya” (Brian Frill after A.P. Chekhov), director Mick Gordon

Atelier 212, Belgrade (2012)

“Play Popovic” (Aca Popovic/Slavenka Milovanovic), director Ivana Vujić

Atelier 212, Belgrade (2012)

“How much for a pate?” (Tanja Sljivar), director Snežana Trišić

Bitef Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“Workers dying while singing” (Olga Dimitrijevic), director Andjelka Nikolić

City Theatre Tresnja, Zagreb 2011

“Rent-a-friend” (Ruzdnjak/Bozic), directed by Anja Susa (work in progress)

Bitef Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“If we all hush down a little”, concept and choreography by Snjezana Abramović

Bitef Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“Divine Comedy” (Dante Alighieri), concept and choreography by Edward Clug

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“Death is not a bicycle” (Biljana Srbljanovic), directed by Slobodan Unkovski

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“The Outcasts” (James Joyce), directed by Bojan Djordjev

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2011

“Through a Glass Darkly” (Ingmar Bergman), directed by Anja Suša

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2010

“Born in YU”, directed by Dino Mustafić

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2010

“Elijah’s chair” (Danijel Stiks), directed by Boris Liješević

Atelier 212, Belgrade 2010

”Market day” (Aca Popovic), director Egon Savin

  • Sterija award for the best costume design (2011)

Sabac Theatre, Sabac, 2010.

”The event in the apartement Nr.2”, director Nikita Milivojevic

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade 2010.

”Drama o Mirjani i ovima oko nje” (Ivor Martinić), režija Iva Milošević

Atelier 212, Belgrade 2010.

”Hair” (Rado/Ragni), director Kokan Mladenović

Bitef Theatre, Belgrade 2009.

”Jackie-Medea” (E.Jelinek/I.Sajko), director Bojan Djordjev

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2009

”Derišta”(Jean Cocteau), director Bojan Djordjev

 Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2009

”As you like it” (W.Sheakspeare), director Slobodan Unkovski

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2009

SPRING AWAKENNING (Frank Vedekind, adaptation of Irene Kraus), director Anja Suša

Krusevac Theatre, Krusevac, 2009

DUNDO MAROJE (Marin Držić, adaptation by Kokan Mladenović), director Kokan Mladenović

Atellier 212, Belgrade, 2009

CELEBRATION (script by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov, adaptation by Bo Hansen), director Iva Milosevic

Theatre Bosko Buha, Belgrade, 2009

PIPPI LONGSTOCKING (Minja Bogavac), director Bojana Lazić

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2009

TRANSLATION (Brian Fril), director Dejan Mijač

National Theatre of Republic of Serbska, Banja Luka, 2009

SCHOOL CLASS (Matijaz Zupancic), director Snezana Trišić

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2009

RABBIT HOLE (David Lindsy Aber), director Philip Grinvald

Dadov Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

HISTORY OF DADOV IN 26 PICTURES, director Kokan Mladenovic, part of the celebration of 50 years of the  Dadov Theatre

Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad, 2008

PAINKILLERS (Neda Radulovic), director Iva Milošević

National Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

BIRDLING OR JUSTICE FOR SIEGFRID (”Ptiče” ili Pravda za Zigfrida”) (by Staffan Valdemar Holm), director Anja Suša

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2008

YOU ARE LYING MELITA (Ivan Kusan, dramatizacion by Sena Djorovic), director Bojan Djordjev

National Theatre, Uzice, 2008

GEORGE DANDEN (Molliere), director Branko Popovic

BITEF and Yugoconcert, Belgrade, 2008

DON GIOVANNI (Merlo/Ponti), director Bojana Cvejić

Sabac Theatre, Sabac, 2008

RACE WITH TIME (Aleksandar Popovic), director Bojana Lazić

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

ROMANCE (David Memet), director Anja Suša

Atelier 212, Belgrade, 2008

INNOCENCE (Dea Loer), director Dejan Mijač

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

CASTLE (Franz Kafka), director Nikola Zavisić

BITEF Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

GLASS FACE (Marija Karaklajic), director Anja Suša

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, 2008

TEENAGE CLUB (group of authors), director Elizabeta Zemljić

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

PHAEDRA’S LOVE (Sarah Kane), director Iva Milošević

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2008

WOMAN BOMB (Ivana Sajko), director Bojan Djordjev

National Theatre of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, 2008

THE SCHOOL FOR WIVES (J.B. Moliere), Director Stevan Bodroža

National Theatre, Sombor, 2007

VIA BALKAN, an omnibus of 3 performances in honour of 120 years of the existence of the theatre, directors Gorcin Stojanovic, Lari Zapia, Kokan Mladenović

Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade, 2007

EUROPE (Ivana Sajko), director Bojan Djordjev

Centre for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade, 2007

RIO BAR (Ivana Sajko), director Bojan Djordjev

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2007

SCARY STORIES OF BROTHERS GRIM (based on Grim Brothers’ fairy tales), director Mick Gordon

Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, Belgrade, 2007

BURLESQUE ON A GREEK (Andrej Hing), director Anja Suša Suša

TESLA -TOTAL REFLECTION (Marija Stojanovic), director Milos Lolic, Yugoconcert in cooperation with Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2007

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade. 2007

BANAT (Ugljesa Sajtinac), director Dejan Mijač

Pancevo Cultural Centre and Belgrade National Theatre, 2007

LOOK BACK IN ANGER (John Osborne), director Boris Liješević

National Theatre Tosa Jovanovic, Zrenjanin, 2007

AUDITION (Aleksandar Galin), director Kokan Mladenovic

Zvezdara Theatre, Belgrarde, 2007

THE SPEED OF DARKNESS (Stojan Steve Tesic), director Branko Popović

Little Theatre Dusko RAdovic, Belgrade, 2006/2007

THE LITTLE PRINCE  (based on the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, dramatization and adaptation by Marija Karaklajic), director Anja Suša

BELEF Centre and Belgrade Drama Theatre, Beograd, 2006

DISCO PIGS (Enda Walsh), director Kokan Mladenović

BELEF Centre and Madlenianum Theatre, 2006

PROMETEUS BOUND (Aeschylus), director Stevan Bodroža

Theatre Bosko Buha, Belgrade, 2005/2006

TWELFTH NIGHT (W. Sheakspeare), director Bojana Lazić

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2005/2006

LIFE NO. 2 (Ivan Viripajev), director Anja Suša

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2005/2006

DEAR DAD (Minja Bogavac), director Boris Lijesević

Sabac Theatre, Sabac, 2005/06

A COLLECTION CENTRE (Dusan Kovacević), director Kokan Mladenovic

Puppet Theatre Pinokio, Belgrade, 2005/2006

CHILREN, CHILDREN (based on poems by Dušan Radović), director Anja Susa

(puppet design and props as well as costume design)

Theatre Stocking (Pozorište Čarapa), Theatre ”ZA”, Belgrade, 2005/2006

PRINCE MARKO, director Valentina Čerskov Pavličić

Zvezdara Theatre, Belgrade, 2005

BELGRADE – BERLIN (Maja Pelević), director Ksenija Krnajski

National Theatre Kikinda, Kikinda, 2005

VUCJAK (Miroslav Krleža), director Andjelka Nikolić

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2005/2006

NO NAME: SNOW WHITE (based on the play ”Snow White” by Robert Walzer), director Bojan Djordjev

National Theatre Tosa Jovanovic, Zrenjanin, 2004/2005

TAMING OF THE SHREW (W. Sheakspeare), director Kokan Mladenovic

Sabac Theatre, Sabac, 2004/2005

THE TEMPEST (W. Sheakspeare), director Jug Radivojević

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2004/2005

PETER PAN (J. M. Barrie, dramatization and songs by M. Stojanovic), director Kokan Mladenović

Belgrade Drama Theatre, 2004/2005

PILLOWMAN (Martin McDonagh), director Anja Susa

National Theatre Sombor, 2004/2005

BALKAN SPY (Dusan Kovacevic), director Kokan Maldenovic

BELEF and Sava Centre, Belgrade, 2003/2004

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (W. Sheakspeare), director Anja Susa

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2003/ 2004

THE SNOW QUEEN (besed on the fairy tale), director and coreographer Dusan Muric

Serbian National Theatre, Novi Sad, 2002/2003

AN UPSTART (”POKONDIRENA TIKVA”) (Jovan Sterija Popovic), director Ksenija Krnajski

Belgrade Drama Theatre, Belgrade, 2002/2003

VINCENT IN BRIXTON (Nicholas Wright), director Anja Suša

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2003

GAMES IN THE BACKYARD (”LLULJAŠKA”) (Edna Mazia), director Stevan Bodroža

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2003

THE LAST DEATH OF FRANKY TEARDROP (”Poslednja smrt Frenkija Suzice”) (S. Vujanović), director Bojan Djordjev

National Theatre Sabac, Sabac, 2002

KASKADER (B. Petrovic), director Petar Lazic

LIAR AND SUPERLIAR (”LAZA I PARALAZA”) (Jovan Sterija Popovic), director Velimir Mitrović

(CHINESE FAIRY TALES  (Den Totero), director Voja Soldatović

SUMMIT CONFERENCE  (”SASTANAK NA VRHU”) (R.D. McDonald), director Voja Soldatović

KOSTANA (B. Stankovic), director Jug Radivojević

NEW YEAR’S EVE TALES (”NOVOGODIŠNJE PRIČE”) (Vladimir Simic), director Slobodan Petranović

Kragujevac Children’s Theatre, Kragujevac, 2002

SLEEPING BEAUTY (V. Bojovic), director Jug Radivojević


Costume designer

SUN ON THE FACE (short), directed by Senka Domanović (2017) / in postproduction

THE LOAD, directed by Ognjen Glavonić (2017) /editing in process

NO ONE’S CHILD, screenplay & directing by Vuk Ršumović (2014)

SKINNING, director Stevan Filipovic, DP Mihajlo Savic (2010)

DON’T BREAK MY TURBOFOLK HEART, directed by Miona Bogović (2009)

LEGEND OF OHRID (composer: Stevan Hristic), director Milos Djukelic, production of Bemus/Yugoconcert, Belgrade (2009)

SHEITAN’S WARRIOR, director Stevan Filipovic, DP Katarina Velickovic, production of Hypnopolis (main award at the Film Festival in Slovenia, main award at the Film Festival in Vrnjacka Banja, participated in Film Festivals in London, Great Britain, Sidney, Australia, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 2006

MILUTIN MILANKOVIC, director Dusan Vulekovic, DP Luka Sanader, production of Zastava Film

SPRITE’S TALE (”Vilenjakova priča”), director Stevan Djordjevic


The Honorary Academy TESLA, THE MAN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD, director Bosko Djordjevic, Sava Centre, Belgrade, 2006

Project EUROPE IN BELGRADE, part of the Celebration of 200 Years of the Modern State of Serbia, Program III: EUROPE IN BELGRADE, Sava Centre, Belgrade, 2004

And for the following rock bands:

VROOM, Kalemegdan, Belgrade, 2006

VAN GOGH, Belgrade Arena, 2007





both for AMEDIA company, Belgrade, directed by Milos Skundric

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD IS? , directed by Kokan Mladenovic

For the Ministry of Culture and Education, through the MTS and INTERMEDIA Companies, Belgrade, 2006

Music Videos

PLAYDOUGH for the rock band Van Gogh, directed by Stevan Filipovic, Belgrade, 2006

Product and Business Promotions

CAR WASH, Reifeissen Lizing, SKC, Belgrade, 2008

STELLA ARTOIS, director DarijanMihajlovic, Madlenianum Opera and Theatre, Belgrade, 2007

ORIENT EXPRESS, celebration of 5th anniversary of the founding of Reifeissen Bank, director Kokan Mladenovic, Hotel Intercontinental tennis courts, Belgrade, 2006

PARFUME PROMOTION for ZorkaPharma company, Sabac

Costume design, set design, choreography and music choice (VIP SPENS, Novi Sad,  MASK Scene, Sabac), Sabac, 2002

Contributing Theatre Costume Designer

LES MISERABLES (based on the novel by Victor Hugo), costume designer Bojana Nikitovic, director Nebojsa Bradic

Opera and Theatre Madlenianum, Belgrade, 2007

Assistant Theatre Costume Designer

CAPTAIN JOHN PIPLFOX (dramatization V. Bojovic), director Gorcin Stojanovic, costume designer Lana Cvijanovic

Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, 2005

Contributing Film Costume Designer

IT IS NOT THE END, director Vinko Bresan, costume designer Zeljka Franulovic, best costume award in Pula, 2008

 Group Exhibitions

2015 “COSTUME AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY 1990-2015”, A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum, Moscow

 2013 Multimedia retrospective exhibition of stage and costume designers: 60 years of Society of visual and applied artists and designers (1953-2013), Kuća kralja Petra, Senjak, Belgrade, Serbia

2013 OCTOBER SALON /by invitation/ Šabac, Serbia

2011 Costume design exhibition, Šabac theatre, Šabac, Serbia

2010 Jalovička art colony: University library, Belgrade

2009 Mixer Dizajn Ekspo, exhibition “Intimacy” curated by Mia David: No-costume instalation “Pret-a-porter 1989-2009”

2009 CURTAIN UP! Ten years of stage and costume design 20002009, Konak Kneginje Ljubice, as one of the organisers and exhibitor, Belgrade, Serbia

OCTOBER SALON /by invitation/ (Šabac, 2009)

MIXER DESIGN EXPO: as part of the exhibition INTIMACY (Pret-a-porter 1989-2009)

2007 PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL OF INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SCENOGRAPHY AND THEATRE ARCHITECTURE: exhibited as one of the representatives of the Design Team of The Little Theatre Dusko Radovic, as well as one of the representatives of  ULUPUDS

2004 BIENNIAL OF ARCHITECTURE IN VENICE, ITALY: one of the authors of the Multimedia Arts Project named SD-02 PLACE KRSTAC which was one of the representing groups from Serbia and Montenegro (“Montenegrin Eco-Lab”)


OCTOBER SALON, National Museum of Sabac: 2000, 2001 (laureate for the undergraduate achievement), 2003

2003 PRAGUE QUADRENNIAL OF INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF SCENOGRAPHY AND THEATRE ARCHITECTURE: Undergraduate Exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Department of Costume Design


SPACE, exhibition of ULUSS members, Gallery Podrum, Novi Sad, 2003

EXHIBITION OF THE RAILROAD MUSEUM, Progress Gallery, Belgrade, 2001

EXHIBITION OF FASHION ILLUSTRATION, SKC Belgrade, 2000, Window of Belgrade, 2000

EXHIBITION OF COSTUME DESIGN SKETCHES, University of Theatre Costume Design, Boston, USA, 2000

WHAT GENDER IS DRESSING?, exhibition of students’ research works made on the streets of Belgrade, guided by Professor Milica Radovanovic, Manak House, Belgrade (sketches for the catalogue and sketches on the exhibition), 2000

MASKS, exhibition of Gallery Singidunum Beograd, Belgrade National Theatre, 2000

NULLA DIES SINE LINEA (”NIJEDAN DAN BEZ CRTE”), exhibition of Belgrade Graphics Collective, Belgrade 2000

Independent Exhibitions

2014Reality of the presented, exhibition on the processes of costume design, Centre for culture Sopot, Serbia

2013 “Cultural construction of gender through clothing” – phenomenon Belgrade: research on the exemplaries and rejected ones“, Cultural centre Magacin in Kraljević Marko Street, Belgrade, Serbia

2002 DRAWING/PAINTING/COSTUME, National Theatre Sabac, Serbia

Performance art


/a material score for performance and an active and performative social space that widens the conventional understanding of the notion of the stage and poses questions about participation in contemporary art and the current socio-political moment.

The project has been created in the frames of Nomad Dance Academy and Performance Situation Room / Life Long Burning.

Authors: Bojan Đorđev, Katarina Popović, Jana Jevtović, Siniša Ilić, Dušan Broćić, Ljiljana Tasić, Maja Mirković, Dragana Jovović

2014 Kondenz festival u organizaciji Stanica/Station – servis za savremeni ples, Beograd (“Bitef teatar”, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 Nomad Dance Academy i Kino Šiška, including workshop with local artists: Jana Božič, Iva Tratnik, Simon Macuh, Ines Šimunić and Jasmina Založnik, at “Tobačna”, Ljubljana, Slovenia


2008/09, public performance of original poetry, Belgrade, Serbia


2003 Plato Plus Dance Hall, production: TKH Centre, University of Arts, Faculty of Digital Arts, BITEF, Belgrade, Serbia


2003 theoretical and art performances of TKH Group at the Rectory of Belgrade University of Art, Belgrade, Serbia

2003 Urban Fest Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia

Published Materials


TRACING GENDER PURPOSE OF ENGAGEMENT (”TRAGOM RODA SMISAO ANGAZOVANJA”), Anthology of Modern Poetry, edited by Jelena Kerkez, published by DEVE, Belgrade

24/7 OF LOVE, edited by Jelena Kerkez published by DEVE, Belgrade

Theoretical texts

Regular correspondent of the magazine for the theory of performing arts WALKING THEORY, which publishes her theoretical works and drawings


Issue No. 4: SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT DANCE  (in cooperation with Sinisa Ilic)


Issue No. 7:  PSYCHOSIS AND THE DEATH OF AN AUTHOR – ALGORITHM YU03/04.13 (in co-operation with others)

Issue No. 9:  ON FILM AND FALLING IN LOVE and PRO TOOLS: Modern Dance Today, Europe (see: Choreography)

LITTLE OUT-OF-ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH, interviewed three architects/artists from Belgrade on solutions for the space around St. Sava Cathedral  in Belgrade, magazine CAMP

FESTIVAL PRO TOOLS, analysis of the perception of modern dance in Serbia including the presentation of the structure of the festival, magazine CAMP

SCHOOL UNIFORMS, magazine QUART, Belgrade, 2008

Text for the catalogue for the exhibition ORIENTATION OUT OF GENDER organized by NGO DEVE, Belgrade, 2005

Text and illustrations for the catalogue for the exhibition ”What Gender is Dressing?”, Manak House, 2000


Monography of The Little Theatre Dusko Radovic 2009, with the theme of 60 years of the existence of the Theatre, interviewed by Bojan Djordjev

SCENE magazine for the theatre arts: AND WHERE AM I THERE? , interviewed by Ksenija Krnajski, Oct/Nov. 2005

SHUMART , Sabac arts magazine: COSTUME WITH A GOOD DOSE OF EMOTION, interviewed by Vesna Stojakovic, 2005

 Workshops, courses, further education, festivals

2015, 2017 Copenhagen City Stage Festival, as a guest and participant in debates, Denmark

2012 “Performing document“, workshop with Janez Janša, Zoom festival, Rijeka, Croatia

2011 “Iritations”, worshop with Costanza Macras, UDK Berlin, Germany

2009 JALOVIK PAINTERS COLONY, participation by invitation

2003 Site-specific workshop of the Group for Scene Design and the Professor Tomas Ziska, Krstac, Montenegro

2001 SITUATION/CITY/BODY, Days of Belgrade University of Art in Novi Pazar, Serbia

Finalist of the fashion design competition SMIRNOFF FASHION AWARDS, 1999/2000/2001